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The Inspiration of a Hip Hop Artist

The Real JKill

The Real JKill

In 2012 I experimented with a new feel for my music, I wanted to go political.  I wrote an 8 track LP dedicated to addressing the political climate and social consciousness. Although it came out in time for election, I made no mention of it, rather, that it was meaningless & that I would encourage my followers to refuse partaking in the American political process all together. My message derived from teachings of notable left-wing figures: Malcolm X, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Hugo Chavez, Dr. Martin Luther King, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The artists that inspired me were Immortal Technique, Black Star, Tupac, Mos Def, RA the Rugged Man, Bob Marley & the Wailers.

My message was a condemnation of capitalism, and a rallying cry of proletarian class warfare. There was one problem. The album wasn’t that good. People didn’t respond to it that well. At all…  So I stopped promoting it.  It was a failed attempt at turning myself into a political messiah.  It sounded forced, the delivery was half-hearted.  But I did learn from this experiment what my strength & weakness are. My strength is and has always been storytelling, and comedy. I’ve always been more of a comedy guy, so the hard for me to sound serious when I’ve spent my whole life making a joke out of everything. So as I move forward in my career, I intend to bring the comedy into the message, I’m more of a John Stewart than a Bill Clinton, if that makes any sense.

What I really learned about my strength is my BEAT MAKING abilities. The beats were some of my best work, so far, a big step for me in that regard & I did have 2 hit songs on that album (A.D.D. & I’m with your Girl & we’re Smoking Pot).  It looks like those songs are going to shape the direction I go in the future.  And for that reason, I want to dedicate this article to those two songs.

I’m with your Girl & We’re Smokin’ Pot is a song that combines the themes of marijuana legalization with sexuality & infidelity. It’s got a political message woven into it but at the same time it’s down to earth, and far easier for listeners to relate. One thing about this song (& the next song) is the ‘I’m above the law, IDGAF attitude that I bring.

People sweatin’ me about the fuckin’ election/
 but your girl’s sweatin’ me about contraception/ 
I need the super-duper large size protection/ 
so I’m at Walgreen’s family planning section/
So much smoke in here, I can’t even see clear, but its all good, I’m above the law/
I’ll rob you in broad daylight, lick my balls/
You try to catch me off-guard in a bar room brawl/
I’ll punch you in the face & break your jaw/

This song was more personal, it was based on real life experiences, although at the time, no girl I had ever been with had admitted to infidelity. The bar fight happened too, although it was completely unrelated to anything else in the song.

A.D.D. is a song about a guy who revolts against society in it’s entirely. Somebody who does the opposite of everything they were raised to do. A character who smokes pot, drinks beer, engages in promiscuous sex, collects unemployment checks, plays video games all day. He shamelessly admits  that he has no scruples & will anything he wants provided that he doesn’t get caught. The song weaves political & cultural humor into the lyrics in a way to mock mainstream society. The character draws inspiration from Casey Anthony, who’s acquittal shows that with the right planning, someone can get away with anything.

If it ain’t life of death, I don’t sweat it, & if I get away with it, I don’t regret it/
Getting caught is my only scruple & I’ll beat the rap on typos & loop holes/
If Casey Anthony can get away with murder, trust me, I can go a lot further/
Muthaphucka, don’t try to get suspicious/
when those rhymes you were kickin’ were bootylicous/
While you work & toil for what little you got/
I collect unemployment checks & smoke pot/
Idiots take pride in being a pawn/
Take their girls to hotels & get it on/
What would Jesus do?/
He’d give me free stuff so I don’t have to rob idiots like you/
I take hand outs when they’re given/
& I’ve gotten evicted from every single religion/
I dated 50 women & they all went lez/…

I wrote this song (in my head) in one day while driving from New York to North Carolina in the summer of 2012, I wanted to give myself 9 hours to come up with the craziest set of lyrics I could possible concoct. Its more fictional than my other work, instead it deals more with my personal attitude & thought process.

JKill Flag

J-Kill talks rap.

These songs were both hits from day one. The first time I performed them, I people in the audience whom I had never met were reciting the lyrics hours after I had gotten off stage. I knew I had found my niche.

I’m not trying to ‘blow up’ on the radio, my music is too real for the radio. My music is true hip-hop & always will be.  SO BUY IT ON ITUNES!!!

I am the Real J-Kill & I approve this message.

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“And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.” Revelation 13:1-3.

And the beast called itself GOP and written upon its seven heads are: Avarice, Cowardice, Entitlement, Homophobia, Ignorance, Misogyny, and Racism. And the meek shall cry out in agony. And the beast shall be slain by the Lamb, in their name. And the beast's name shall be erased from the minds of men forever.