Immediate release

For Immediate Release

Immediate release

For Immediate release


End the violence and increase the peace.

We won’t rest until all wars foreign and domestic cease,

Or until a father no longer gets the news

his son that just walked to the corner store is deceased.

See this war isn’t just overseas;

Its living breathing and spilling blood right here in these streets,

Young victims being gunned down because of the color of their skin and the shoes on their feet.

 Daily drive by shootings stop too many heart beats.

Don’t you think it’s a pun,

when they scream take away the guns.

In reality it’s not the guns.

We are the dangerous ones.

We would rather scream and shout than work it out.

I don’t think we know where it started or what it is even about.

We shove instead of giving love.

And we lack the peace that passes all understanding.

Every circumstance and situation has to end in a crash landing,

And you can only win if you are the last man standing.

It’s time to end this insanity,

For the sake of all of humanity.

We are one human family.

Our roots run deep like a forest full of trees.

We all sway to the same breeze.

We are intimately connected.

When one of us is neglected, we are all affected.

Next time anger rears its ugly head,

Reject it instead

In your loudest, proudest voice.

Declare that violence isn’t a given, it’s a choice.